Waiting for the Right Moment...

Jen (name changed for confidentiality) would drive by at different times during the day hoping to find the right moment to talk to just one person. She was early in her pregnancy and was considering abortion, but just wanted to talk to someone. The groups gathered outside the clinic next door did not seem approachable until one day she drove by, saw one person praying on the sidewalk, and gathered the courage to speak with her.

Jen’s upbringing was difficult and the communication in her large family was not very encouraging. That trend continued in her young adult life and her family drifted apart or went down roads that she did not want to follow. Facing this pregnancy without the support of the father and with no family or community ties, left her alone and uncertain about bringing a child into her fragile life.

The sidewalk prayer counselor spoke with her and encouraged her to step into our clinic for help. Jen agreed and our staff and volunteers were able to spend some time with her in prayer and counseling and she was able to see her healthy baby for the first time in an ultrasound. We worked with Jen, to come up with a plan to wrap her in love and community and to access available resources to begin to create a life to support her and her child.

Since then, she applied for and was accepted, into a maternity group home that works with expectant mothers to directly support them until they are ready to be on their own. Jen will never be on her own though. She told us that we have become part of her family and we will continue to be there for her and pray with her through her pregnancy and as her child grows.

Please pray with us for Jen and for all mothers to be, that they have the support to bring their precious babies into a loving and welcoming world.